Tallahassee Man Arrested for Murder

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Twenty-four-year-old Arnell "Chaos" Lee is facing murder charges after a weekend argument in the 500 block of Macomb Street turned deadly.

"The person the victim was walking with, the witness, was saying some racial slurs to the suspect, which is Arnell Lee. He didn't really like what he was saying. He started walking away, then somehow in his terms, he lost it, turned back towards the victim and stabbed him," said Tallahassee Police OFC John Newland.

Bleeding and with more than one stab wound, the victim and his lady friend walked to the chapel at the Haven of Rest to make a call for help.

"We are trying to be some place safe for the community to come to and evidently that's what the young man thought when he got stabbed. He came up here to get help," said Mark Gwynn, who works as a data entry clerk.

As the victim sat in an outdoor patio chair bleeding, his friend asked an employee inside to call 9-1-1. Two days later the victim, Mark Opielowski, died from his wounds.

Police arrested Lee behind the Lafayette Motel on Tennessee Street.