Several Deaths Involving Area Homeless in the Big Bend

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“Buddy,” who is currently homeless in Tallahassee, was friends with a homeless man stabbed to death this weekend in Frenchtown.

"Yes, I went to the hospital that afternoon after it happened. I observed the man laying on his bed dying," says Buddy.

On July 2004, the body of a homeless woman was found in the parking lot of an auto repair shop off Tennessee Street. A year later, a homeless man's body was found in a wooded area off Timberlane Road.

These and several other homeless murders since 2000 have local shelter officials implementing changes.

"Our director, Mel Eby, has changed the time for women from 9'oclock to 7 o'clock, to enter the shelter. He wants them to come into the shelter into a well lit area, and that would be in front of the shelter at the wooded gate there," says Michael Crockett with the Tallahassee Leon County Homeless Shelter.

Area homeless say many altercations arise out of petty disagreements over money, alcohol and drugs.

"I would image that a lot of our crimes that don't rise to this level, simple assaults and batteries, are a result of people's inability to recognize when a situation is going too far, and failure to get law enforcement involved or walk away from the conflict," says Tallahassee Police SGT Jeff Johnson.

If you are homeless and are a witness to something you think may be getting out of hand, call the Tallahassee police at 891-4200.