Dashboard Camera Tape Played in Tallahassee Federal Trial

"Right now you're being lawfully detained" were a deputy's words from the videotape.

It'll soon be up to a jury to decide whether that was true or if Jefferson County deputies violated the McCloud family's civil rights.

We've heard much about the deputy's in-dash surveillance video that captured part of the initial traffic stop. Portions of that tape were played in Tallahassee's federal court Wednesday.

You can hear the drug dog used to search the McCloud car back in July of 2001. At some point that night, the man initially suspected of having the drugs, Freddy McCloud, is put in the back of a patrol car.

In this car just his is audio is recorded, and you can hear him speaking to an official on the scene.

"Hey officer, are we being arrested?”

“Not right now. Right now you're being lawfully detained and we'll have somebody come talk to you in just a minute and, uh, explain what the rest of the night's going to be like."

The rest of that night involved a search at the home of the McCloud's relatives. Like earlier in the trial much of focus on the witness stand centers around whether consent was properly given to enter their house.

The man in charge of the drug dog that night, former Jefferson County DEP George Stinson, says that his dog entered the house after he checked with a fellow officer to be sure consent was given.

But earlier, Barbara King, the owner of the house, says she was asked to sign a consent form after deputies completed the search. One problem is King says she can't read.

The deputy who gave king the form did testify he read it to her, but it was never made clear if she understood it. King says she signed it because her sister told her to, but again, she says it was after the fact.

Just snippets of the tape were played in court Wednesday. We'll let you hear more of the tape as it is played during the trial, which is expected to continue into next week.