Community Emergency Response Drill

Local first responders had a busy day Wednesday, but it was just practice. An emergency response drill was held at Buckeye in Perry.

Emergency personnel responded as though there had been an explosion at the plant.

Emergency response teams from Buckeye and the county went through the full scenario from arriving to control the fire and decontaminate the area to treating and transporting victims to the hospital.

“This is all to ensure that the community is ready for any emergency,” says Dan Simmons/Public Affairs Manager, Buckeye Florida. "We feel like we're pretty well prepared but we train so that we'll be better prepared. In the event we ever had an human-caused accident or a natural disaster, we would be able to handle it in the safest possible way. Our goal is to be better in the future."

Response time and communication will be evaluated in order to make necessary improvements.

The drill was a joint effort between Buckeye County Emergency First responding agencies, the Health Department, and Doctors Memorial Hospital.