Valdosta Council Retreat

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Valdosta City Council members will not be relaxing much during their annual planning retreat.

City Councilman Johneunice says, “We gotta start planning now in order to be ready for 2020 and 2030 and so on."

But long-term planning is not the main goal of the retreat. Several big issues will be discussed, including the ongoing traffic saga.

Eunice says, "We've got a lot of citizens that wanna talk about traffic. They wanna know what's going on. They know that we're growing. They know that we've gotta do something about it."

Another issue that council members will discuss is the parks in the area, including possibly putting an amphitheater in Drexel Park.

Valdosta Mayor John Fretti says, "We have several festivals there and bands playing and we have the Show Mobile, but I wanna talk to he council about putting a nice amphitheater there."

The mayor also wants to concentrate on economic development and bringing in more shopping for Valdosta citizens.

Fretti says, "They work here, they play here, and they wanna stay here and shop. So we're going to put a full throttle on the new economic development position here in the city."

The mayor says if all goes well at the retreat, council members will come back with about 15 goals and initiatives for the city.