"Hurricane Biz"

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Hurricane season starts June 1. With that in mind, preparedness is a top priority for the Capital Area Red Cross. Thursday it was testing the abilities of local businesses to plan and prepare for what may come.

Capital Area Red Cross' Chris Floyd was posing the question, how vulnerable is your business? "Hurricane Biz" is barreling down on the capital city, a category two, and Floyd wants to know if they are prepared.

Chris Floyd says, “This is truly a first for Tallahassee, Leon County, the state of Florida and the best we can determine, the country."

Forty one businesses are learning what they need to do to prepare. A tabletop exercise is getting disaster plans in place, checking with insurance companies, and talking to their vendors, and then there's how to respond when the hurricane passes.

Terry Williams of the Children’s Home Society says, "I had no idea the coordination in the community for all the planning for disasters. It's reassuring for me."

With their most important asset being their employees, the Red Cross is stressing the importance of making sure employees and their families have a disaster plan before hurricane season strikes.

Richard Smith of the Leon County Emergency Operations Center says, "It's very important both for the survival of the business as well as the recovery of the community to have that business plan."

The Hurricane Biz exercise concept is being picked up by other regions, but the disaster planning doesn't stop here. More tabletop exercises like this to come before June 1.