Mailbox Thefts in Gadsden County

Gadsden County deputies are nabbing several people accused of stealing mail from mailboxes. Investigators say the individuals involved in the crime have stolen checks and credit cards racking up thousands of dollars on those accounts.

Postal inspector James Giehl and Gadsden County investigators say for the past eight months they've been trying to discover who's been breaking into mailboxes and stealing checks and credit cards.

James Giehl says, "We starting tracking different charges this week to find out who was doing it. That's when we identified three suspects."

Investigators finally got a break when one of the suspects confessed. Three people have been arrested in connection with the crime.

Shelton Turner adds, "I had been tracking them, but I couldn't get any hard evidence on them, so when I put two and two together one guy was arrested on unrelated charges, so I guess he wanted to get it straight before it came down the pipe."

Investigators say at least 24 people have had their mails stolen. Deputies say the three people arrested took credit cards right out of the boxes.

Robert Langnecker was one of the victims.

He says, "They take everything out of the mailbox; it’s just in a matter of minutes, one driving, one going through the mail, and go through it and get the checks and whatever they don't want they throw away. We don't know if we're getting important mail or not."

Langnecker is taking no chances. He's now forced to wait for the carrier for his important mail. The three arrested have been charged with theft of mail and grand theft. Bond has been denied for all three.