Florida's Community College Students Rally at Capitol

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Community college students from across the Sunshine State rallied at the Capitol.

With some serious issues on the table, including tax breaks for textbooks and residency for undocumented students, these students are hoping their voices are heard.

The students played music in hopes it would sway the heart of Florida Sen. Lee Constantine who's sponsoring a bill that would mean a tuition increase for community college students who overstay their recommended credit hour requirement.

His ears were open to the students concerns.

"When people give me honest examples of where they need help, we're going to put it in," says Constantine.

"He is one of the only senators that is pushing for full funding for community colleges, in line with the governor's proposal," says community college student Benjamin Marcus.

Members of the Florida Junior Community College Student Government Association went room to room speaking out on several issues being addressed this session.

Among the issues they support are tax exemption for college textbooks and residency for undocumented students

"These children are here through no fault of their own. They found themselves in circumstances they didn't wish upon themselves, and now that we have educated them in the Florida public school system it is our responsibility to help them continue," says Florida Sen. Frederica Wilson.

"The senators are open to us. They are even willing to add amendments to their bills if we feel strongly enough that we disagree in some way," says community college student Antonella Scarano.

The Florida Junior Community College Student Government Association represents just a million students statewide.