Students Arrested for Drugs

Recent drug arrests of local high school students are raising eyebrows. A 16-year-old student is caught selling marijuana at Taylor County High School.

The Perry police report states it was a 15-year-old buying. Both were arrested and taken to Taylor County Jail.

Investigators arrest another juvenile at his Pine Tree Street home. Police report they found marijuana plants, Hydrocodone pills and beer in his bedroom. School district officials say they have a zero tolerance for students with drugs.

Mark Southerland, a Taylor County school board member, says, "The kids automatically get suspended and recommended by the principal for immediate action by the superintendent. From there they go before the board and the board makes a decision on their future in school."

If school policies aren't enough, the Taylor County Sheriff's Office says with its law enforcement procedures, students should think twice before putting drugs in schools.

CAPT Marty A. Towles of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office says, "From time to time our K-9 unit, unannounced, goes to the schools and does walk-throughs through the schools, through the parking lots checking vehicles and what have you. It seems to be a very good deterrent at this time."

CAPT Towles and Southerland say drugs in schools aren't a big problem, but say they are working together to make it no problem.