Keeping Telemarketers off Your Cell Phone

On busy days, there are wall to wall cell phones in use at the state capitol, and like most phone users, lobbyists share a disdain for unwanted calls on their cell phones.

It was with little debate that the State Senate gave overwhelming approval to a bill that bans unsolicited calls to cell phones.

But there are powerful interests working against the bill in the State House. The devil is in the details.

A powerful coalition of banking, insurance, and securities interests has ganged up against the bill. They argue it lacks common sense.

Dwight Stansel sits on the House committee that has the bill. He says it could shut down commerce.

“If you called a cell phone, whether you were on a land line or your cell phone, if you call their cell phone and you didn’t have permission to call their cell phone, yes you would be in violation of that law as written.”

Even if the bill doesn’t pass, opponents suggest you call the national or state Do Not Call lists.