Boy Recognized for Helping Nab Suspect

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They're usually out on the street solving crimes, but Thursday afternoon some Tallahassee police officers were crediting the public for their efforts in solving cases.

The Tallahassee Police Department was holding an awards ceremony to recognize citizens and police officers for their outstanding service.

Among those getting an award was an eight-year-old boy who provided information to an officer that lead to the arrest of a burglary suspect.

"She said, ‘what happened?’ And I told her somebody broke in that man's house and he jumped the gate and ran to a bus stop," said Brandon Mitchell, explaining what happened that day.

His mother held his hand as the second grader received the award. She says she's proud of her little boy.

"It is rare, especially for his age, to see someone then help spot him out and catch him, so I really appreciate that, makes me feel good inside."

Other awards given out include those for lifesaving and bravery.