Tallahassee Boy's Choir Receives Check

Have you ever found yourself looking to big cities for ideas, say fashion or entertainment?

Well now the roles have been reversed, as one of Tallahassee’s best known acts will serve as a model for a new Los Angeles group.

The national exposure Earle Lee and the Boy’s Choir of Tallahassee have received over the years continues to pay off.

Tuesday, the choir accepted a check for $100,000. But its not for performing costs, in this instance, the local group is going to be used in L.A.

That's right the Iraida Foundation, which is headed by FSU alumnus Roger Clark wants director Earle Lee to help create a boys choir of Los Angeles.

Clark says the national reputation of Tallahassee’s choir made it an easy sell in Los Angeles.

Although L.A. is considerably larger lee says advantages such as financial backing outweigh the challenges.

Lee will make monthly visits to the City of Angels over the next two to three years.

He will help hire and train the L.A. director, as well as recruit members. The Boy’s Choir of Los Angeles is expected to be launched by this fall.