Florida Tourism Day


It is one of the biggest money makers in the state of Florida, tourism.

It's big business in the sunshine state, bringing in an estimated $50 billion a year. And at this hour, tourism directors from across the state are in downtown Tallahassee to shine the spotlight on this most important industry. It's a picture many of us remember, saying cheese at the state capitol, for these 5th graders from Bradenton it's a chance to see first.

Field trips, road trips, and vacations, these are the major contributors to Florida’s economy, when visitors spend money here-sales tax revenue goes up-topping off at nearly $50-billion annually, but this year's sluggish economy is taking it's toll.

Tourism directors are combating the lull by targeting neighbors.

But driving is no longer a cheap alternative with gas prices reaching $2 a gallon in some states.

Bristol fears this could impact the industry especially come summer time. Bristol says less money means less visitors and less revenue for the state.

Bristol says low tourism numbers are driving the tight budget that the state legislature is currently mulling over.