Operation Dark Cloud

A bomb rocked Doak Campbell Stadium Wednesday sending a chemical gas into the air, countless victims to the hospital and law enforcement officers into overdrive.

Luckily it was only a training exercise known as Operation Dark Cloud.

For the past several months members of the North Florida Regional Domestic Security Task Force have been planning this mock drill to see if they are prepared to handle the unthinkable.

A terrorist attacks Doak Campbell Stadium during a football game. A suicide bomber unleashes a fireball of terror on thousands of unsuspecting football fans. While this isn't the real thing it as close as you can get.

Swat teams run through the motions of entering a building, donning their chemical wear and even extracting the governor from the stadium.

During the mock exercise, a bomb explodes at the 50-yard line, and another would-be suicide bomber is shot and killed in the parking lot, by snipers perched on the roof.

Officials say exercises like this bring to the forefront the possibility of an attack, and how unpredictable terrorists can be.

Watching the exercise play out is Bud Marshall, from the Department of Homeland Security, he's making sure every move is the right one.

Doak Campbell Stadium was chosen as the site of Wednesday’s exercise because a home Seminole game brings capacity crowds, and the task forced wanted the most vulnerable location for an attack.