Mom Panhandles for Medical Costs at Capitol

An injured mother of two is resorting to panhandling in front of the state capitol. She says if she doesn't she may lose her leg.

Cheri Garbark says the workers compensation plan has failed her and her family, now, she desperately needs another operation on her leg, but she's already in debt and can't afford it.

Garbark says she was injured at work when she fell down a flight of stairs. Garbark says when she fell, her tibia bone, which connects the ankle and knee, was dislocated.

She has had one operation to try to correct the problem, but now Garbark claims the screw that should be supporting her knee cap is literally coming out of her skin.

"I was out of work for nine months, I almost lost my home. Now my health,” says Garbark.

Garbark says medical expenses and lost wages total more than $24,000 and she needs $4,000 more to remove the screw from her knee.

She says she will remain at the capitol everyday until she collects the money for the operation.

Solicitation is illegal, unless it's been approved through the proper channels as fund-raisers. Of course citizens are allowed to hold signs voicing their opinions as long as they aren't disruptive.