Residents Concerned About Habitat Homes

Homeowners living near the Habitat for Humanity project in Valdosta say they are un-happy with the current building blitz.

That's because they feel it will have a negative effect on their neighborhood.

Earlier in the week a petition was sent to Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity signed by 36 homeowners asking that changes be to the Habitat Project in Valdosta. The homeowners felt the project would seriously hurt their neighborhood.

Well, Wednesday they told WCTV their concerns and as i found out, changes are being made.

"We just don't want anything to devalue our property. This is a quiet neighborhood,” Gerog Tharpe comments.

People living near Pineview Drive in Valdosta have been concerned for several months about the Jimmy Carter Project that will be built next door will be built next door.

"I think Habitat should have went into a neighborhood that needed Habitat houses, that was below city code and tried to enhance that neighborhood instead of coming into our

A majority of the concern stemmed from the traffic caused by 50 new homes. Now, Habitat leaders have just unveiled a new plan that moves the entrance to the habitat subdivision away from pine view drive. Another change, fewer homes. Now only 45 will be built in this location. That's five less to help preserve wetland areas. Neighbors say they think better locations could still be found.

"I know there is other vacant land within the city of Valdosta, in neighborhoods that would be enhanced by these homes, that these homes would help bring up the neighborhood rather than potentially bring them down,” says concerned homeowner Diane Davis.

This land was donated by a developer, and spokeswoman Barbara Webber says the Habitat homes will coincide with the development plans for the rest of the area.