Tallahassee Daycare Center Shut Down

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Parents Tamala Arnold, Latoya McCray and Kamilah Clary all had children attending the Kiddie University Daycare on Pasco Street until Wednesday night when the center closed its doors on the city's orders.

"It is the middle of the semester, and with my son being so young it is hard to find another daycare that will accept my son in the middle of the semester," says Arnold.

"It is a good daycare. It has very good teachers. I'm pleased with the curriculum, pleased with the activity that is going on. My son is learning, but it is a misfortune, it is very inconvenient for the parents," says Clary.

Notices from the city's Neighborhood and Community Services Department were posted on the center door. They explain the center's director, Dr. Demetrius Coley, missed a deadline to provide proof of worker's compensation insurance coverage.

"This is not an issue you play around with. You have to have workman's comp and liability insurance. There is a reason that those are required. It is a protection for the children, parents, in case there is an accident," says Brenda Tanner with the City of Tallahassee.

Tanner says for months Dr. Coley has delayed showing proof of workman's comp insurance, and when the city gave him a final deadline of March 10 he missed that deadline as well.

Dr. Coley had no comment on this story when we spoke with him Wednesday morning. Once the center is closed the city doesn't plan to lease out this space for another six months or so to allow for renovations.