Hurricane Resistant Airport Terminal

A new one-of-a kind airport terminal is also to serve as shelter in the event of a storm. The Perry-Foley Airport is making several improvements; a major one is the construction of a brand new terminal.

Tommie Stranaland, Manager of the Perry-Foley Airport, says, "Pilots will come in, they'll be able to sit around and chat a while. They'll be able to do their flight planning, look at weather, charts, or whatever they need to be doing."

The 2,000 square foot terminal is being built to be able to withstand a category five hurricane, the only such building in Taylor County.

Melody Cox, Director of Administrative Services in Taylor County, says, "The airport's located less than 15 miles from the Gulf. When we were in discussions with FDOT on building a new terminal, they and we thought it would be very important to make this a category five facility to continue on in the event of a disaster."

Another enhancement to the airport's services is "AWOS," Aviation Weather Observation Service. Stanaland says the communication device is vital for pilots.

Tommie says, "It's so accurate, if we have visibility of two miles the obstruction may be light rain. It will actually say light rain. If there's lightning in the area it will tell what quadrant the lightning is located and it will tell the frequency of it."

The terminal will also feature conference facilities available to the public. Construction of the terminal is expected to be complete by June.