Florida Attorney General Launches Investigation Into Voting Companies

Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist is investigating why the only three state certified voting equipment companies refuse to sell to Leon County.

Diebold, Seqouia, and ES&S all turned down requests from Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho to purchase equipment for the disabled.

As a result, Leon County is out of compliance with the federally mandated Help America Vote Act.

Joann Carrin, Communication Director for the Florida Attorney General’s Office, says, "There's one area we're looking at to see if there was an agreement between the companies as to which counties each company would sell the machines to."

Ion Sancho adds, "These companies who have not sold equipment to Leon County will now have to answer as to why they've chosen to reject our offers to purchase equipment and maybe now we can get to the heart of what's going in the state of Florida."

Sancho has taken legal action against Diebold, he says, for breach of contract.