Students and Teachers Going High Tech

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Teachers and students at Roberts Elementary in Leon County say they would never go to school without their notebooks. But they aren't talking about the same kind of notebooks most parents today would remember from their childhoods.

"They're pretty fun and cool. Sometimes they're pretty hard," says Roberts Elementary third grader Tyler Aldinger.

And that's the exact attitude teachers want their students to have about laptops in the classrooms. Administrators say this tool is essential to learning in this technologically advanced world.

Teacher Terri Martin says, "We have to show them how they all work together. The paper and pencil, they have that but we have to show them the real world and translate what they learn into the technological advances that we have."

That's why the principal of Roberts got involved in a program that puts a laptop in the hands of all the teachers. The next step is to make sure all the students have one.

Right now the school has two mobile carts of notebooks for the students. The school will receive two more carts for next year.

"It has allowed the classroom environment to change in a way that is beneficial to the student," says Roberts Elementary Principal Peggy Youngblood.

Teachers say the best part about the introduction of the new technology is that students really "lap" it up.