Madison Revitalization

City officials have just received a grant to continue their efforts in making the rural community more visually appealing.

Madison is known for its historic landmarks, quaint buildings, picturesque parks and hometown feel, and it's the kind of place that keeps visitors coming year after year.

Phil Ellis says, "It's peaceful, it's quiet here, it has all kinds of little shops to go to. It's just a nice little town."

Officials in this nice little town received a $700,000 grant to continue their revitalization project, and that includes sprucing up the landscape and improving city streets.

City Manager Thomas Moffses, Sr. says, "Right now the city is developing a historic district to have houses and bed and breakfasts here, and this just helps the overall appearance of the community.”

City officials are hoping the added measure will boost tourism and encourage more folks to move into the rural community.

It’s a rural community that is sure to attract more folks thanks to this revitalization project. City officials will add $375,000 to the project to pave four blocks of the downtown area.