Boot Camp Death: FDLE Off the Case

The special prosecutor assigned to the case has fired FDLE because of Emails from agency head Guy Tunnell to the sheriff in charge of the boot camp.

The parents of the dead boy continue to look for answers. In a statement, the special prosecutor points to Emails sent by FDLE commissioner Guy Tunnel to the Bay County Sheriff as his reasoning for seeking an independent investigator.

An hour before Mark Ober fired FDLE, the family was questioning how independent their investigation could have been.

"Certainly, something needs to be done in order to restore confidence in their investigation of Martin Lee Anderson’s death.”

Tunnell has also confirmed that he’s had lunch with the Bay County Sheriff prior to a funeral but says the Anderson case was not discussed. The parents don’t buy it.

“If Guy Tunnell was investigating Martin’s death, what was him and the sheriff talking about? Finish covering up Martin’s death? Who knows what they were discussing?”

The Department of Law Enforcement was created in the late 1960s and not once has it been removed from an investigation because of a perceived conflict. Jeb Bush continues to say he has confidence in his law enforcement director, but he says he does understand why FDLE has been replaced.

“Perception matters when you’re dealing with sensitive investigations, and the fact that Commissioner Tunnell was the former sheriff of Bay County and the Emails; I think it was the right decision.”

FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnell has expressed regret for creating what he calls the “perception of a conflict.”

Another revelation in the boot camp case is the deputies involved in the videotaped beating of Martin Anderson did not tell medical authorities about the kicking or punching, saying only that the teen had passed out from exercising.