Wiping Out Graffiti

Graffiti artists strike regularly in Tallahassee’s Galley Alley, and Thursday, crime prevention officers climbed ladders and scaled rooftops to paint over some of the many messages left behind by taggers.

Officers painted over some 900 works of graffiti last year and say only a handful has gang implications.

"The majority of what we've done in our 900 of them is what's called tagger graffiti, and all they're doing is trying to express themselves by just putting up a name or a quick picture that they think is artistic. We do a little bit of gang graffiti, but it's nothing that is more than the taggers."

A statue of Moses is a favorite target of graffiti artists downtown. Crime prevention officers say they paint over nearly 50 pieces of graffiti a month in hopes that it doesn't get out of hand and ruin Tallahassee’s "beautiful" reputation.