Granite Company Claims Slab Secure

The owner of a granite and marble shop is speaking out for the first time since a deadly accident in his store claimed the life of a little boy.

And he says, a slab on display outside his shop now is safe and secure.

The granite slab - weighing in at nearly 700 pounds - is propped up against the wall of Unique Marble and Granite on Capital Circle Northeast.

It may look like it's just leaning there, but the owner says it's not.

"If you look in the back area, it has an epoxy that once it's dry, it's not going anywhere," said owner Mauricio Campos, "and even if it wasn't attached for whatever reason, the only way that this can come down is a twister, a hurricane."

The store came under fire Tuesday from the parents of Brandon Moeller, who was crushed by a falling slab in Campos's shop six years ago. They called the slab on display now an accident waiting to happen.

"We don't want this to happen to anybody else. We know what it's like and it's a horrible, horrible thing and we're reminded of it daily in the fact that we don't have our son," said Richard Moeller.

Campos says since Brandon died, he has improved safety in his shop. He uses metal a-frames instead of wooden ones and makes sure all customers in the warehouse are escorted.

He says he and his wife feel terrible about what happened, and say as parents of four children themselves, they will never get over it either.

"We're talking abut a kid, you know, a kid, and unfortunately it happened to Mr. and Mrs. Moeller's family, but it also impacts us, you know. It happens to us too in a certain way, so it hasn't been the same, you know, you just learn and try to move forward."

The Moellers say they are skeptical of the epoxy explanation, but hope for everyone's safety, that not only is it true, but that it's adequate enough to keep the slab secure.

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