Abandoned Cars

Some residents have been leaving junk cars, old motors and used tires on their property, turning their yards into an eyesore in the community. City officials are now putting a stop to it.

Officer Tom Murray is embarking on a new mission in the city of Quincy, trying to rid the area of junk.

Marcus Baker says the city has no right to dictate what he does on his property.

Marcus Baker, resident of Quincy says, "You trying to come in my house and rectify my yard and do what you want to do when you should be focusing on more problems that's gigantic than this like missing money."

Officer Murray says Quincy officials are dealing with its financial situation and residents need to deal with their trash or suffer the consequences.

Authorities will give residents a deadline to remove the items, if they don't do it in a timely manner they could be fined upwards of $250.