FSU Holds Rape Awareness Week

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FSU’s Women’s Center reports at one time 15 percent of women on campus have reported being sexually assaulted, with 25 percent reporting being victims of attempted sexual assault.

Starting April 3 the university will hold a Week of Awareness, where students and professionals will talk candidly about rape.

"I'm so glad they are doing this at FSU. No matter what the statistics say, there are several cases that go unreported each year," says FSU graduate student Lee Williams.

"Most people, when they are raped, they don't consider it rape, or they don't report it. People don't take into consideration that marital rape is pretty common. People like prostitutes and exotic dancers can also be taken advantage of," says Rebecca Marsh with FSU’s Women’s Center.

Officials with the FSU Women’s Center hope many men will join in on the scheduled workshops and discussions.

"Men are just as important as women in this whole thing. Men have to realize when to stop, when to hear no and when to want to hear no. It's so important for both sexes to understand limits and what the other person wants," says FSU student Mark Campbell.

All events will be free and open to the public. Contact the FSU Women’s Center for a listing of the scheduled events.