Higher Gas Prices

Motorists felt a one-two punch after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ripped through the Gulf coast causing gas prices to soar. After a brief reprieve, gas prices are back on the rise.

Many motorists agree they need their vehicle to do their daily duties around town. But as gas prices go up, so does their frustrations.

Demikl Ervin, a Tallahassee resident, says, "They went down for awhile. I think everybody kind of lost sight of it and stopped paying attention to it a whole lot and now it's rising back up to where it was before."

AAA's Web site shows the national average for gas is $2.56 per gallon. Florida's average is climbing just above that at $2.58 a gallon.

Months ago our area saw record high gas prices, some reaching the three dollar mark. Although those prices came down, motorists say they're not too happy with the way prices are going up once again.

Robert Cowles, a Florida motorist, says, "Like everybody else, I don't care for it very much. I wish they'd get it under control, but you know there's a little bit of turmoil in the world going on right now and I'm not sure it's going to get under control any time soon."

Some motorists are considering alternative transportation, but they're keeping their fingers crossed gas prices will come down.

The Associated Press reports a barrel of oil is now $70. It hasn't been that costly since Hurricane Katrina.