Prom Season Brings Happiness and Warnings

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With prom just days away, Thomasville High School students Alesha Willis and Aolasha Taylor are making final preparations for their big night, and they say safety is number one on their list.

Alesha says, "Yeah, you're looking to have fun, but you have to think about your life also, and we have so much ahead of us and stuff."

Aolasha Taylor, a junior, adds, "It would be better if we're safe instead of trying to drive somewhere and maybe getting in an accident or something."

At Thomasville High School, many students signed the Prom Promise pledging not to drink or do drugs on prom night.

Dr. Carol Franchi, THS Prom Promise coordinator, says, "It's a peer pressure effort to make students aware of the dangers of drinking and doing drugs and driving, especially on prom night."

A recent report by SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, shows that nearly 36 percent of traffic deaths involving 15 to 20y-year-olds are alcohol related.

SGT Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville police spokesperson, says, "Underage drinking is a really big one, and we are doing everything we can to put the word out to these students to be safe; don't get behind the wheel of that car when you've been drinking."

It’s a message from police that Thomasville students like Willis and Taylor say they promise to follow, and Thomasville police say they'll be busy talking to students this week because three high schools have proms scheduled.