FHP Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints Underway

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It's a busy Monday along Mahan Drive. Many motorists are driving with faulty equipment. One driver is traveling with only one working brake light.

"If you have one brake light out for example, my custom would be to stop you and give you a faulty equipment notice. If you have the whole set of brake lights out, that's more serious to me because people can't tell you are stopping," says FHP SGT James Gaskins, one of several troopers enforcing vehicle safety.

An official with Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles says inspection certifications were done away with in Florida more than 20 years ago, leaving the job up to law enforcement.

“In other states such as Virginia, you pay a small fee to have an inspection done at the state inspector's office, which could be an auto repair shop," adds Gaskins.

Area motorists have mixed views on the checkpoints.

"I don't really appreciate being stopped by the cops when I am busy, but I think we should have statewide inspections," says Tallahassee motorist Elizabeth Seigler.

"Every car on the road should be up to standard. People should know what needs to be corrected or whatever. People are going to be upset if they get a ticket, but that's life," says Tallahassee motorist Neketa Coleman.

These inspections are routine with similar checkpoints conducted in Georgia. The advice to motorists would be fix anything on your vehicle which could be considered a safety concern.