Final Farewell to Posey's

It's so hard to say goodbye. Posey's will not reopen, try as the owners might in the wake of Hurricane Dennis.

Paul Weimer heard the news of Posey's Oyster Bar closing down all the way from Washington, DC and had to see it for himself.

"Bringing my son down here with me is really special to get out here and take a look at the place. He's been here and he's had some good meals and some good times. I'm sorry to see it go,” says Weimer.

Posey's briefly reopened months after Hurricane Dennis destroyed it last August. The owners' real estate agent says they are giving up and Posey's is closed for good.

“We have the Stone Crab Festival here every year. It's a big thing. Everyone came down from Tallahassee and all over the county. It's just something we've always done, we've always hung out at Posey's,” says Crawfordville resident Coral Schieve.

Posey's Oyster Bar may be the only one in St. Marks not up and running, but it is not the only restaurant or business up for sale.

"My home is a little bit farther away from the river than where we are right now, which is a couple hundred yards, so I wouldn't miss it at all if I didn't own this place,” says Steve Dunbar, owner of St. Marks River Cantina.

Dunbar's St. Marks River Cantina sustained considerable damage from Dennis as well, but says he's only selling if the price is right.

Riverside Cafe reports steady business but its owner also looking to sell.

The asking price for Posey’s is $1.5 million.