Residents Revisit Buck Lake Road Project

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For more than a decade Patrick Detscher has pushed for a road improvement project on Buck Lake Road.

"What we need to do is make the road safer. We tried to improve the movement of the cars so you could see them coming, but the real nice amenities are curbs and gutters to keep people off the median and also bike lanes and sidewalks on the edge,” explains Detcher.

After he helped devise a plan, millions of dollars were put aside. But just as citizens thought the plan was moving forward, the funds were used for other county road projects.

"There was no good public policy reason to defend Buck Lake Road. It just happened and it was shameful," said Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff.

Residents in the Buck Lake community say the widening is critical because the Falls Chase subdivision will one day bring more traffic to the area.

"It's a very critical time and we need to get these roads sized up to handle the traffic that's going to be coming," said Buck Lake Alliance Board member Zoe Kulakowski.

Detscher says he couldn't agree more.

“There's gonna be some very difficult times getting traffic out of that subdivision. Since that is approved, I think it’s a good time to re-look at Buck Lake Road, not throw the plan up in the air again, but finish the project that was started."

The alliance is planning to go before county commissioners. It hopes money will come through again so construction can finally begin.