Georgians Seeing Higher Gas Prices

Motorists have to dig deeper into their wallets, as gas prices reach record highs throughout the country.

That's even true in the peach state, which at one time boasted some of the lowest gas prices in the southeast.

One year ago the national average for a gallon of regular gas costs about a $1.24, Friday, that cost is now a $1.72 for that same gallon of gas. And those record prices are making driving an expensive task.

If you have fueled up at the pump lately, you've probably noticed more than just your gas gauge rising.

"I've been paying about $1.35-45 up until this past week or two-then I've been in Alabama this week and now Florida so yeah, it's rather extreme,” says Chuck Whitmer.

So extreme, that both Georgia and Florida set record highs Friday. One AAA report indicates that Georgia gas prices ranged from $1.57 per gallon to $1.76, in Florida, it's between $1.72 to $1.90 per gallon.

Some drivers are even crossing the state line to Georgia giving their wallets a break.

"It's a little cheaper than what we have in Florida so it's convenient to stop here,” says Ted Henderson.

Georgia may have set a record high Friday, but it still has some the cheapest prices across the country.

Experts attribute the rise in gas prices to the possibility of war with Iraq and the Venezuelan oil strike.

So, it is quite possible there are more records to break.

The only record broken Friday was for diesel fuel, at $1.83 per gallon, but the price for regular fuel is getting close, the previous record was broken in may of 2001 at $1.718 per gallon.