Meth Problem Overlooked?

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Cold medicine and battery acid are the same ingredients and the same dangers found in every meth lab. One was uncovered by drug agents at an Ochlocknee home.

Kevin Lee, Thomas County Drug Commander, says, "Numerous Ephedra pills, other batteries and other things that are used to make methamphetamine when they use the anhydrous ammonia method."

It’s a toxic cocktail, but drug agents say those stories don't carry the same weight that they used to.

Lee adds, "I guess ‘cause we bust so many of them probably."

Those working to rehabilitate meth addicts say they agree with that theory.

Dan Salveter of Archbold Northside says, "When you see our drug squad making busts day after day or several times in a month, it just loses its shock value."

But not all value is lost. Lawmakers on both the state and federal levels continue to nip at the sale of meth ingredients while local agents work to uncover the labs.

Salveter says, "It's out there, it's with us, it's not going away, it's here to stay I'm afraid."

Shock value or not, the forecast is grim from the frontline of the war on meth.