Tallahassee Man on Trial for Attempted Murder

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Thirty-four-year old John Michael Ray sat quietly as opening arguments were presented.

Ray is charged with the kidnapping and armed robbery of Heidi Leblanc and her young daughter last July in a Toys-R-Us parking lot.

Ray is also facing a charge of attempted murder.

"I looked into his eyes, we just looked at each other for a moment, and I just knew he was going to do me harm," says Leblanc.

She says Ray forced her into her van, drove her around for a few minutes, eventually parking the car and making off on foot. She says all she could think about were her daughter and husband.

"During that time my daughter, who was right there in full view, began crying 'mommy.' I do remember looking her way, but I couldn't do anything," adds Leblanc.

As Leblanc went further into detail about what happened that morning, Ray's attorney, Lilja Dandelake, began poking holes in her story.

Dandelake went on to question Tallahassee police officers who took the stand about the suspect description and if it indeed matched Ray's profile.

Ray was acquitted of another Tallahassee assault and robbery just months before his arrest in this case.