Stun Gun Standards Could Become Florida Law

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In Tallahassee and all over the country, police officers are armed with stun guns, a weapon most claim to be safe, but with its increasing use there is also mounting concern about when it's appropriate to use them.

"There are no statewide policies right now, no rhyme or reason for what goes on from county A to county B. Some counties have more restrictive policies, some have very liberal policies on the use of tasers," said David Murrell, the executive director of Florida's Police Benevolent Association.

Under a bill passed Tuesday in key House and Senate committees, there would be universal standards.

"It limits the use of taser. It can only be used when a person is actively aggressive or if they're violent or attempting to flee," said Tallahassee Police LT David Fulsom.

Fulsom says if the bill becomes law, the same standards for using stun guns would apply to all law enforcement agencies all over the state.

"It gives guidance to all law enforcement in the state and one of the biggest thing is it alleviates those concerns that many of our citizens had as it relates to taser and its utilization," said Tallahassee Police Chief Walt McNeil.

Now officers are left to watch and wait to see if the legislators are stunned by this bill when it goes to the floor. Its next step in both chambers is the floor.