Mother Leaves Baby Alone in Jail Parking Lot

A 16-month-old baby is found alone in the county jail parking lot.

Now a Tallahassee woman is facing child neglect charges, and that's not all. Leon County deputies say it started when the woman was caught illegally communicating with an inmate at the jail from the outside fence.

One of the deputies walked her and another three-year-old child to the parking lot. That's when he found the 16-month-old child crawling around inside the van.

"The windows were rolled up, there was small crack in the window. The vehicle was turned off at the time so it was getting pretty warm inside the vehicle,” says SGT Annaliese Wierenga of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

A witness is telling deputies he saw the three-year-old in the car earlier, but the child escaped and was nearly hit by another car.

The mother, not identified because doing so would identify the innocent children, is also facing charges of illegally communicating with an inmate.