Troops Mobilized

A farewell ceremony was given for members of the Florida Army National Guard Reserve 3rd Platoon of the 351st Postal Unit. The soldiers are going to be delivering the mail for other troops overseas.

"Just one single letter from your family or a friend will make you feel like someone cares," said Kurtis Woulard, of the 3rd Platoon. "Make you feel like someone is thinking about you back home while you are in another environment," added Woulard.
Tallahassee Mayor John Marks was on hand for the send off ceremony. "We are going to miss them and we must all know that we have to help and assist their families while they are deployed on this very important mission on behalf of their country," said Mayor Marks.

Specialist Courtney Green has received tons of support from her mother, Dorothy Green.
"I'm very proud of her, very proud of her," said Green. "She is my first born and I am very proud of her, no matter what she does she is going to be strong," added Dorothy Green.

The unit departs on March 18 headed for Fort Rucker, Alabama.