Grady County Zoning Attempts Botched

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Grady County Commissioner Bobby Burns says his motion to continue drawing up a zoning plan never made it to the floor for discussion.

Charles Norton with the Grady County Commission says, "The cost faction had to do with some of the commissioners’ decisions. Personally, I'm opposed to it. I've been opposed to it from the start."

Commissioner Norton says the county has regulations and ordinances in place, but some residents are asking for more protection.

Rick McCaskill of the Grady County Joint Development Authority says, "In general we don't have any zoning, so it's kind of wide open and I think that leaves the possibility of having problems and little less protection that a lot of land owners would like to see."

Commissioner Norton says his major worry with zoning would be farmers losing out.

Charles Norton says, "I'm worried about the equity in their land being cut when there's a specific use and only being used for that. I just don't think it's justifiable."

There may be other alternatives to comprehensive zoning, and commissioners say they're willing to explore other avenues.

Rick McCaskill adds, "If we could come up with that basic protection with something besides zoning, that would work."

It’s a hot zone for debate that will continue to be a battle for those wanting to draw lines in the county.