SAIL-ing Into a New Building

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"Generally, we're very excited. The school board had a very hard decision to make and now that they've made it, we're going to move forward and really make the best of it," says SAIL High School Principal Roseanne Wood.

SAIL High School is a special one of kind magnet school in Leon County. Here, the classes are kept small, creating a better learning environment for these students who admittedly have those "left brain" talents, and soon the magnet school will be making a move to a new facility.

"Because we need more room, because the rooms here are jammed packed," says SAIL student Edward Hawkins.

Administrators say after 31 years, SAIL High School, which was the old Lincoln High School, has finally become too small for the more than 300 students. Now students and faculty are getting ready.

"We've got everyone to ask questions, give ideas to what they want in the new school. We're really excited," adds SAIL student Jessie Moon.

But these students plan on doing more than just moving; they have plans when it comes to the community that surrounds the building.

"We're trying to do tutoring for the younger kids, doing park services, volunteering at Palmer Monroe and try to integrate into the community," says Hawkins.

Administrators say while they're excited about the move for SAIL, they are sympathetic to the students and faculty who will be moving on from Caroline Brevard.

SAIL High School also has dual enrollment classes for its students and is still accepting applications for next year. If you're interested, call 488-2468.