Tallahassee Cocaine Bust

There was a drug bust in Tallahassee Tuesday night, and police wound up fishing thousands of dollars worth of cocaine out of the commode.

Tallahassee police drove up to the Collonade Apartments on McCaskill Avenue and tried to surprise the folks in apartment 112-D, but officers say by the time they broke the door down to serve a search warrant the toilet was already running.

SGT Dave Ferrell of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "The officer was thinking on his feet, immediately turned off the water to the commode, we gloved up, took the commode off the floor, turned it upside down and in the bottom found two large packages of cocaine. In fact, they contained approximately 65 baggies of cocaine."

Officers seized more than $5,000 worth of crack, cocaine and marijuana as well as a pair of guns.

Five people were arrested.

A Crime Stoppers tip is what led police to the apartment, and officers say someone came to buy drugs there every five to ten minutes.