Work Zone Crackdown

Motorists clocked speeding in a Tallahassee construction zone Wednesday got a pricey surprise as Leon County deputies handed out tickets all morning.

The sting was part of Work Zone Awareness Week and construction workers are quick to tell you motorists have little patience for the flag men and orange barrels.

Crews are busy paving a newly widened stretch of West Tennessee Street while deputies were busy clocking speeders just yards away.

Joe Johnson, a construction worker, says, "It's aggravating 'cause being out beside the road is not safe, plus having the vest on, people don't really be watching for it. It's scary."

Jack Gregory of C.W. Roberts Contractors says, "They don't want to slow down, even when they get up close to ya, they don't want to slow down."

DEP Tony Leon with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "We should have some good speeds coming here now; 44 on that one, 43."

LT Billy Fair adds, "There's three fatalities per day in work zones all over the nation and coupled with another, every nine minutes there's an injury at a work zone, so it's very important for us to be out here."

And if the threat to construction crews' life and limb doesn't prompt you to slow down in work zones, maybe the pricey speeding tickets will. The cheapest one handed out during this sting was $240, and a 62 mile per hour stunt cost well over $500.

More than 40 people were pulled over and given either tickets or warnings, and that was in less than three hours. This awareness week is even more poignant in the wake of a flagman's death in Franklin County last week.