Sancho to D.C.

The Leon County supervisor of elections is headed to Washington D.C. Ion Sancho is taking his fight for a mandatory voting machine paper trail to the nation’s capital.

Sancho will be speaking at a press conference Friday in support of a House bill requiring a mandatory paper trail and an audit of two percent of the votes to ensure the voting software is properly functioning.

Ion Sancho says, "Votes need to be treated as precious commodities, as precious as money. We need to be able to prove conclusively that after every election that the votes of the citizens were accurate."

Meanwhile, Sancho says he now has two potential options for voting equipment to bring his office into compliance with the Help America Vote Act.

The phone based voting company IVS continues to work towards state certification, and next Friday, Sancho plans to meet with Diebold, the same company that previously refused to sell him equipment.