Florida Lawmakers Debate Budgets

It's all part of an intricate dance by the Legislature and the governor that will result in passage of a $70 billion spending plan for state government.

Florida’s unprecedented budget surplus could also mean a record flock of turkeys, those hometown projects that lawmakers like to slip into the budget.

Dominic Calabro of Florida TaxWatch is expecting the worst.

“We call it the edifice complex where they name bridges, name parks after themselves when it’s not their money. It’s the money of the hard earned taxpayers, so that’s really kind of the injustice here is that there are more legitimate programs and projects and core functions of government that don’t get funded,” says Calabro.

TaxWatch compiles a turkey list each year, urging the governor to use his veto to shoot down the special interest projects that don’t belong in the budget.

Calabro says this year’s list could be extremely long.