Uniforms at Gadsden High

The superintendent says since the uniform policy was implemented, the district has seen a sharp decline in behavioral problems.

The next step is getting high schoolers on board. It's a sea of blue as students at East Gadsden High School don fashionable fads and designer duds, but if parents and school officials have their way these students will be wearing uniforms in the very near future, and so far the idea is already receiving high marks.

Audra Williams, a Gadsden County parent, says, "It will reduce some of the fighting and the lusting after name brand clothing.

The superintendent hopes uniforms at the high school level will decrease behavioral problems on school campuses. He says so far data shows a decrease in discipline issues at both elementary and middle schools where students are already wearing uniforms.

Reginald James says, "We've had a chance to review it school by school and we've had one or two of the school that had 50 percent decline of incidents over the last year so we're very pleased with that so it leads us to explore the options for the high school."

James is hoping to get parents on board. He's sent out letters seeking their support in this new endeavor.

Reginald James adds, "What I'm looking for is a high percent of parents who would like to have uniforms. If we can get that we can be successful as well."

It’s a campaign the superintendent says can only be successful if parents support the school district as it tries to implement positive change.

The superintendent has spoken to several vendors who will supply fashionable uniforms at affordable prices. Of course, that's all if the plan meets parental approval.