Hilton Status Hearing

Updated at 6:06 p.m.

Gary Hilton, the man accused of killing a Crawfordville Sunday school teacher sat in a Leon County courtroom for the first time Monday. And, he has waived his right to a speedy trial--meaning it could be some time before this murder case goes to trial.

At the court proceeding--Hilton's public defender requested more time before his case goes to trial. Hilton sat in the courtroom quitely while his public defender, Ines Suber, spoke on his behalf. However, he talked with Suber quite a bit before the proceeding. Judge Terry Lewis decided topostpone the trial to give Suber more time to make her case. Suber says all the evidence associated with this case has not been shared with her. The state attorney's office says it expected the judge's decision to give her more time.

Jackie Fulford, Chief Assistant State Attorney said, "She does not have all of the discovery yet, but she has a lot. I believe we've provided over 300 witness names to them and I anticipate that probably by the end of next week, they will have all of the discovery material."

Another case management meeting is scheduled for September 12 to hear the status of the case from both the prosecutor and the defense. This Friday a judge will hear a motion for a gag order in the case and will review the state attorney's extradition procedures and whether they were carried out correctly.

Updated at 2:26 p.m.
The State Attorney requested for a jury to be picked on September 1st. But that request was denied because Hilton waived his right to a speedy trial. Another case management hearing in the Hilton case is scheduled for September 12th to review the prosecution's and defense's case.
A hearing was held Monday to discuss the status of a man accused of killing Crawfordville woman Cheryl Dunlap.
This is following a motion by his defense attorney to dismiss his murder charges.
Gary Michael Hilton was indicted for the murder of Crawfordville Sunday school teacher, Cheryl Dunlap, in February.
Hilton, who appeared in court on Monday, looked nervous as prosecutors said they wanted a trial scheduled for September.
Another case management hearing is set for September 12.
Hilton's public defender says before he was extradited from Georgia, he was not given counsel to file an appeal for his Florida case.
Because he was not given that right, his attorney says his case in Leon County should be dropped.

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