Straight Talk

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Local teen-agers are getting a rare opportunity, the chance to find out everything they wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

In a program sponsored by Leon County schools and the sheriff's office, students are getting the straight truth about drugs and alcohol from the experts. What drugs can you die from on the first try?

That's just one question a local group of panelists were faced with as a handful of Leon County students participated in a program called straight talk. Adolescent Psychologist Keely Waters Kaklamanos says it's tough but healthy for teens to ask before they act.

“Unfortunately, they get very educated by peers, don't have experts, don’t feel comfortable going to parents,” Keely says.

With experts ranging from education to medical care to law enforcement, most students asked questions about the repercussions of substance abuse.

Lee was one of many students who watched the live broadcast of straight talk from her middle school classroom.

And with spring break creeping up, students say the straight forward answers served as an eye-opener.

And students were also allowed to email questions and have them answered during the show. The second part of straight talk, which will focus more on parents, will wrap up Monday night.