Tax Time

If you haven't filed your income tax return yet, April 15 might feel like it's just around the corner, but there is help available.

The deadline is quickly approaching to file your 2005 tax return, and as the day gets closer, business is picking up for companies that help with tax preparations.

Chris Carroll, Office Manager at H&R Block, says, "I wouldn't call them procrastinators because some of them do owe the IRS taxes and they kind of like to wait to the last minute to pay their taxes that are owed."

Janet Parker says she pays someone to help her with her taxes every year, but this year she was just too busy with other things and has put off filing her taxes until now.

Janet Parker says, "It's simpler for me; they know what they're doing and I get too confused with some of the other questions on the forms and don't want to make any mistakes. I know they know what they're doing."

Flipping through the yellow pages you can find plenty of companies to help you file your tax returns, or some people like to use the Internet, but professionals warn that it might be too late for that.

Carroll adds, "The clients that are coming in now at this time, I would not advise them to do that. They need a professional to go over their forms and make sure everything is in order."

Because the filing deadline lands on a weekend, most taxpayers will have until April 17 to file their 2005 tax returns.

The IRS Web site says 70 percent of the nation’s taxpayers are eligible for free tax preparation software and electronic filing.