Not So Ducky This Easter

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Biologists are asking pet stores and parents to stay away from baby mallards and save the life of a bunny.

"They get to be a nuisance in many areas."

They're cute, fuzzy and yellow when they're young, but baby Muscovey and Mallard ducks have an extremely bad reputation as adults.

Muscovey ducks get mean with age. Mallards tend to get romantic with the native mottled ducks, and nothing but trouble can come from that.

Diane Eggeman, a Fish and Wildlife waterfowl biologist, says, "If this occurs for a long enough period of time, eventually the mottled duck could become extinct. They could be cross bred out of existence."

Wildlife experts are running anti-duck adoption campaigns, hoping to save the natives from the terrible mingling with mallards, and as an alternative they're asking you to consider saving the life of a bunny.

Jane Collier, a humane educator, says, "What's really special about adopting from an animal shelter, of course, is that you know you're saving a life because that animal has either been turned in or found."

Animal shelters are overrun with pets who need a life, and while she doesn't recommend bunnies for children, she says now is a great time to consider adding a new member to your household.

Jan Collier says while she doesn't recommend buying a pet for the holiday, saving a life would be a wonderful way to remember the real reason behind Easter.