Police Analyze Finds in Gilmore Search

A weekend search for Ali Gilmore or any clues to her disappearance is over, and Tallahassee police are now analyzing some of the items those search crews found.

Just shy of 300 volunteers joined the community search this weekend combing southside woods, neighborhoods and ponds for any sign of Ali Gilmore. She's been missing since February 3.

According to Klaas Kids search leader Brad Dennis, crews turned over 26 items to Tallahassee police, which investigators say included women's clothing, duct tape and a duffle bag.

Police now must decide if they are truly clues in Gilmore's disappearance, or just random finds.

CAPT Kelly Burke with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "The ones that we think warrant the DNA testing, yes, we will pursue them that far. Other ones, we'll go and look and see if there's some other explanation or plausible reason why they're there, or if they don't have any correlation whatsoever we may move on to other things."

The Klaas Kids search team leader says they are considering doing a second community search later this spring and are already mapping out areas on which to focus.