Caretaker Arrested for Identity Theft

A woman is forced to hand over her engagement ring after Tallahassee police say her boyfriend committed a crime to get it.

Tallahassee police say the man served as a caretaker for an elderly man and proceeded to use his credit cards to make ATM withdrawals at an Apalachee Parkway bank.

Investigators say he scammed more than $10,000 from the elderly man and even bought his fiancé an engagement ring with the stolen cash.

SGT Bill Bierbaum with TPD Financial Crimes says, "That's the worst part of it. These people, it's a matter of trust, and you trust your caregiver, and this is the ultimate violation of that trust for a caregiver to do something like this."

Forty-six-year-old David Mason faces more than 50 criminal charges from identity theft to grand theft to exploitation of an elderly person.

Two other caretakers were arrested last week too, accused of bilking a woman with cerebral palsy out of more than $1,200.